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[Download] When Breath Becomes Air Epub – By Paul Kalanithi | Biography

[Download] When Breath Becomes Air Epub – By Paul Kalanithi | Biography
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There are not many books that are the first and only release of an author and go ahead to become best-selling novels. Published globally in 2016 (January), when breath becomes air is one such exceptional novel that defied all odds. The story – which is, in fact, an autobiography of the author – Paul Kalanithi – himself, covers the life journey, struggles and various milestone life events of the author.

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When Breath Becomes Air Epub Review:

As already mentioned, the storyline of the novel is based on real-life events and accounts of Paul Kalanithi. The novel covers the journey of the doctor as he travels from being a Catholic to an atheist. When breath becomes air also talks about how a successful and hard-working neurologist working in the United States had the courage to quit his high paying job – only to pursue his dreams for writing. The title of the novel depicts how a daring man who quit his all to follow his dreams was defeated by untimely death.

When Breath Becomes Air Epub is published by the American publication house. It was released globally in 2016. The book was ranked in the best-seller New York Time’s list in the same year. The autobiography was very well-received by the audiences.

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About Author (Paul Kalanithi):

Paul Kalanithi is the author of the novel When Breath Becomes Air. Born in NYC – Kalanithi hails from India. He had Indian parents who had settled in the US where Paul had been born and bred. Professionally, he was not an author but rather a practicing neurologist. It is very strange that this novel is also the only book published by the author as there are no other books to his credit. The novel was released after his death in 2016. Apart from this book, there are many other medical articles and essays that have been published by Kalanithi. He died of cancer in 2016

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