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[Download] The Scorch Trials Epub By James Dashner | Science Fiction

[Download] The Scorch Trials Epub By James Dashner | Science Fiction
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Book Name: The Scorch Trials Epub. The Scorch Trials Epub

Author: James Dashner.

Series: The Maze Runner

Publisher: Dell Publishing

Pages: 361

Genre: Young fiction, Science Fiction, Post-Apocalyptic fiction.

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The Scorch Trials is a 2010 classic scientific novel that was published by the Delcarte Press Publishers. The book is based solely on the post-apocalyptic scientific fiction genre. The book is written by American author James Dashner. It is currently available in e-book, audio book, hardcover and paperback. The book is authored by critically acclaimed author James Dashner who has also previously authored the popular Maze Runner Book Series. The scorch trials is a continuation part novel of the same book series.

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The Scorch Trials Epub Plot And Review:

The Scorch Trials is a continuation part novel of the maze runner series. The story is revolving around the same main characters of Thomas and his group of friends. The storyline follows the adventures of the boys as they are faced with yet another series of challenges.

The scorch trials epub is a very popular novel that is part of the successful book series ‘The Maze Runner’. As it is a continuation part novel of the series, it was greatly welcomed and appreciated by the readers all around. The novel was appreciated from readers as well as critics alike.

The book is a critical as well as commercial success. It has sold over a hundred million copies in all parts of the world. The book is a celebrated story that has been adapted into a television series as well as a Hollywood movie. The movie was released in 2015 under the Fox entertainment banner.

About Author (James Dashner):

James Dashner is an American born fictional author, novelist and essay writer. He was born in the United States and has been writing novels for a very long time now with great success and recognition. His exceptional writing works include the journal of curious letters, fever code and the Maze Runner book series.

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