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[Download] The lord of the Flies Epub By William Golding | Fiction

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Book Name: The Lord of the Flies Epub. the lord of the flies epub

Author: William Golding.

Originally Published: September 17, 1954.

Publisher: Faber and Faber.

Pages: 208.

Genre: Speculative fiction, Psychological Fiction, Allegory, Fiction.

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Published in the year 1954, Lord of The Flies is a classic American literature novel. The book has been authored by American novelist William Golding. The novel went on to receive the Nobel Prize award later on in the upcoming years. The book is based on allegorical genre. Lord of the flies is published by Faber & Faber publication house.

The Lord of the Flies Epub Novel description And Review:

The Lord of the flies epub is a story that is very unique and captivating. The story of the novel revolves around a group of young boys of British origin. The group of boys are stuck on a deserted island. Homeless, helpless and in despair – the boys have to face many challenges to fight for their survival on the lone island.

The story of the book begins with the boys flying in a private jet that crashes on the island. As a result, the young boys find themselves stranded on the island struggling for their own survival.

Lord of the flies epub is a noble prize recipient. The novel was very well-received by the audiences as well as the critics. The readers have found this novel to be a classic favorite all over the years. The book has gone down in history of American literature as a classic. The novel has also been included in the best 100 novel list of the century. It was ranked amongst the 50 best editor’s choice books till 2000 as well.

About Author (William Golding):

Sir William Golding is an American born author, novelist, poet, script writer and essay writer as well. Golding was born in September 1911 and he died at the age of 82 in 1993. Known as one of the best authors in the history of American literature, William Golding went on to become the recipient of prestigious Nobel Prize.

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