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Download The Handmaid’s Tale Epub By Margaret Atwood | Fiction Novel

Download The Handmaid’s Tale Epub By Margaret Atwood | Fiction Novel
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The handmaid’s tale is a dystopian novel that has been authored by Canadian author Margaret Atwood. The book was published back in 1985 by Mclelland and Stewart publishers. This was the first edition of the book whilst many subsequent versions of the book have been released for general reader audience ever since.

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The Handmaid’s Tale Epub

The Handmaid’s Tale Epub Plot And Review:

The story of the novel is set on the theme of women. The story revolves around the women living in misogyny and despair in a society that is clearly ruled and dominated by their counterpart genders. The discrimination of women against men is evident. The story of the novel explores how women living in a patriarchal society find their way to establish a self-independence and individual identity in the society the live in. The novel’s story is set in American settings and defines how woman have to even fight to maintain their personal identity.

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The novel was very well received by the readers ever since it was published back in 1985. The novel won multiple honorary awards including the Governor Generals literature award and the Arthur Clarke award. Furthermore, it was nominated in multiple award categories including the Nebula and Prometheus awards. The popularity of the novel ever since has made it adapted into different media sources including a film that was released in 1990, an opera setup n 2000 and a television series post-2000 as well.

Abou Author (Margaret Atwood):

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian born literary. She was born in Ontario, Canada in 1939. With age comes experience and Margaret has become an expert in her field thanks to the immense years of work experience. She is known as an expert novelist, author, critique, activist, and poet as well. She is the recipient of multiple honorary awards and is also the founder of the Canadian Writer’s trust.

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