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[Download] The Great Gatsby Epub By F. Scott Fitzgerald | Historical Fiction

[Download] The Great Gatsby Epub By F. Scott Fitzgerald | Historical Fiction
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Book Name: The Great Gatsby Epub. the great gatsby epub

Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Originally Published: April 10, 1925

Publisher: Charles Scribner’s Sons

Pages: 148

Genre: Novel, Historical Fiction

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The Great Gatsby Epub is authored by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The novel is listed in American literature as a vintage classic novel. The book was published back in 1925 by the Charles Scribner’s Sons Publications. The novel is viewed as one of the biggest English classics of all times.

The Great Gatsby Epub Details And Review:

The storyline of the book revolves around a mysterious millionaire. The millionaire lives in a mansion in New York and is known for throwing lavish parties that are attended by hundreds of guests. However, the Great Gatsby manages to create immense curiosity every time as the attendees of the parties have never seen who the guy really is!

The Great Gatsby Epub is one of the most well-received and popular classic American English literature novels. The Great Gatsby is a highly celebrated novel that has gone down in the history of literature as a major success.

Over the years, the novel has been adapted into several media files. The novel has been adapted into several television series and blockbuster success movies. One of the most highly anticipated Hollywood movie redemption of the Great Gatsby was released in 2013. The movie starred Leonardo Di Caprio in the lead role.

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About Author (F. Scott Fitzgerald):

Francis Scott Fey Fitzgerald is an American author. He is an author and novelist by profession. Fitzgerald is born in 1896 and died in the next century in 1940. Fitzgerald is an author who chose to go by his pen name F. Scott Fitzgerald. The sad part about Fitzgerald’s life was that he was not able to gain the much-deserved recognition is his lifetime. He only managed to get the worthy praise and acknowledgment after he died. However, in current date, he is known as one of the greatest authors in the history of American literature.

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