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The Crown Epub is a book part of the novel series The Selection. The novel and the entire series is authored by American Born female author – Kiera Cass. The crown is the fourth book in the series. The book published in 2015 May by the Harper Teen Publications is based on adult fantasy fiction. Presently the book is available in three versions – Hard copy Paperback, e-book and audio version as well.

The Crown Epub Novel Details And Review:

The story of Maxon and America’s young daughter Princess Edalyn continues in the Crown. The novel witnesses the selection process for the potential royal contender happening in this book.

The widest audience range for this book turned out to be the females. From young girls to teenagers and young women – everyone loved this novel and the overall series for being the perfect fairytale dream come true. After Disney, the Selection series gives all young girls a chance to dream about being a princess once again.

Book Name: The Crown Epub. the crown epub

Author: Kiera Cass.

Series: The Selection.

Publisher: HarperCollins.

Pages: 368 pages.

Genre: Fiction, Historical Fiction.

The Selection series is a widely popular novel series all throughout the United States. The release of the crown epub was highly anticipated because it was the fourth part of an already popular and successful book series. Fortunately, the book delivered too.

The book was very well-received by the audiences. The readers felt that the crown by Kiera Cass has managed to not only live up to the audience expectations but has also presented modern royalty in combination with tradition in the perfect manner.

About Author (Kiera Cass)

Kiera Cass is an American born fiction author and screenplay writer. She was born in 1981 in the United States. Cassis best known for her work on adult fiction, fantasy and romance genres and specializes in these genres as well. She began her professional career as an author in 2009. However, she became most popular and gained recognition in 2012 when her Selection novel series were launched. The Crown Epub is one of her best-selling novel of the series.

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