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The compelling and addictive book is filled with betrayals, blackmail, and love. It is a Fiction Romance novel that is authored by Erin Watt and was originally published in July 2016. The book is preceded by Paper Princess and is followed by Twisted Palace. Thus, do not expect any happy ever after at the conclusion because there are a lot of mysteries. Bullying, revenge, murder, blackmail, and drug addiction will definitely seek the reader’s attention.

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The Broken Prince Epub Plot And Details:

The story of broken prince actually behaves as a bridge which connects the other book series to understand subplots. Ella is main character of the story who owns strong inner core, determined and intelligent enough to handle all sorts of situation. Reed Royal is the hero of the story that has money, status and looks. Girls the prep school wants to date Reed and every guy wants to be like him but Reed does not bother to pay attention to all of the stuff. However, Ella`s entrance changed the life of Reed. The relation between Reed and Ella is disturbed and faced many complications.

Readers will surely get hooked on this addictive and twisted novel with an online rating of 4.1 stars. events plotted in the novel are optimal and author Watt is successful to provide balance with the royal series. It is a great book of revelations and growth. Engaging dialogue, fast and strong narratives have made the story very interesting.

About Author (Erin Watt):

Erin Watt is the author of no 1 Royals series of New York. She provides addictive novels to its readers. The author is experienced in writing the captivating young adult fiction romance which is loved by the young adult audience. Watt is a renowned and independent writer. She is talented and owns enhanced gift of describing details. The amazing writer enables readers to turn pages with great anticipation.

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