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[Download] Red Queen Epub By Victoria Aveyard | Young Fictional

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Book Name: Red Queen Epub. red queen epub

Author: Victoria Aveyard.

Followed By: Glass Sword.

Publisher: HarperCollins.

Pages: 388.

Genre: Fantasy Fiction.

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Red Queen is a novel based on Fantasy Fiction. The novel Red Queen has been authored by writer Victoria Aveyard. The novel was published in 2015 by the Harper Teen Publication House. The novel was the recipient of several awards including the best debut novel of the year. The book was very successful and soon its sequel books named Glass of sword and King’s cage were published.

Red Queen Epub Novel And Details:

The Red Queen Epub is a novel that is based on Kingdom settings. The Kingdom is called Norta. The main lead character of the novel is Mare who aspires to be the Red Queen one day.

Red Queen was a phenomenal success all throughout the globe including Europe, Middle East, and the United States. The book was published by Harper teen leading publishers and is based on fantasy genre.

The Red Queen became the first debut novel in a long time to achieve a 4-star rating right after its release. The book was very well received by the audiences and the critics as well.

The novel won many awards including the literary recognition award by the Guardian. Its success was celebrated with a release of 2 sequel novels to the book. It was also later adapted as a feature film which is set to be produced by Universal Pictures.

About Author (Victoria Aveyard):

Victoria Aveyard is the author of Red Queen. In addition to being an author, she is also a budding young talented novelist, essay writer, and screenplay writer. She has managed to win a lot of praise and success at a very young age. Born in the US in 1990, she has managed to bring a lot of fame and credit to her name in a short span of time. Her novel Red Queen also brought her many rewards and recognition on global level.

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