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The novel queen of shadows was released globally in 2015 on the September 1. The Queen of Shadows is an American Fantasy Fiction Genre based novel. The novel is authored by American fiction story-teller, Sarah J. Maas. The book is a continuation fourth part of the successful Thorn of the Glass novel series. The book was published and distributed by Bloomsbury Publication Co. in the UK and worldwide.

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Queen of Shadows Epub Description and Review:

The story of Queen of shadows moves ahead in somewhat continuation. Being the fourth part of the series, the story picked up from a much later part and much had already happened in the previous parts of the series. A lot of expectation was riding on this novel.

The story opens to Caleana facing the world against her all on her own. There is nobody or nothing that she cherished left with her anymore. She is visibly shaken but chooses to return to the Kingdom one more time. She is alone, one-man army but she also is determined to fight for her kingdom and get back what was hers all along.

Queen of shadows Epub is one of the most successful and celebrated parts of the entire novel series. The novel was celebrated by critics and readers alike. It continued to rank on the top positions in the UK and the USA chartbuster lists for many weeks. The book also becomes the first novel of the series to receive the ‘best adult fiction’ award in 2015.

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About Author (Sarah J. Maas):

Sarah J. Maas (full name; Sarah Janet Maas) is an American story-teller and fiction author. She was born and bred in the United States. Since early childhood, she enjoyed living in the world of fantasy and found the best way to live her fantasies by penning down fictional stories. This is why at a very young age, she has become a world-renowned author with many feathers to her hat.

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