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[Download] Percy Jackson Epub By Rick Riordan | Fantasy Novel Series

Book Name: Percy Jackson Epub. Percy Jackson Epub

Author: Rick Riordan.

Series: The Dark Artifices.

Publisher: Percy Jackson & the Olympians.

Pages: 377.

Genre: Fantasy, Greek mythology.

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Percy Jackson (full form; Percy Jackson and the Olympians) is a 5-part novel series. It is based on fantasy adventures that is authored by American Author Rick Riordan. An overall 45+ million copies of the novel series have been published and released all around the globe.

Percy Jackson Epub Details And Review:

Percy Jackson novel series has been authored by Rick Riordan. The cover artist for all book covers are illustrated by John Rocco. The original country of publication was the United States and then it was distributed in rest of the world. The original language of publication is English and the novel series was later translated into 9+ languages. The publisher for the novel was Disney Hyperion. The book is now available in several media types including hardcover, print back, audiobook and e-book.

The Percy Jackson series has been worldwide received as one of the best-selling novel series in the history of American literature. The novels in totality ranked on top of the New York Times Best-selling list for a consecutive 250+ weeks.

The Percy Jackson novel series includes 5 novels. These novels are titled:

  • The lightning thief epub
  • The sea of monsters epub
  • The Titan’s Curse epub
  • The Battle of Labyrinth epub

About Author (Rick Riordan):

Rick Riordan is an American classic author who born in San Antonia, Texas in 1964. On an academic front, he is graduated from the Texas University with Majors. However, from a young age Rick has a deep passion and admiration for fantasy, mythology and detective based novels. His passion and interest led him to eventually pursue a professional career in writing. His professional career as an author started off in 1997 and is going till present date. Amongst his popular works, the hidden oracle from the Apollo series and the Percy Jackson novel series are included.

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