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[Download] Looking For Alaska Epub – By John Green | Young Fiction

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Book Name: Looking For Alaska Epub. looking for alaska epub

Author: John Green

Originally Published: March 3, 2005

Publisher: Dutton Juvenile

Pages: 223

Genre: Fiction.

Printz Award winner novel Looking for Alaska was published in 2005 by the Dutton Juvenile Publishers. The book is authored by John Green and ranked as the best novel on top New York Times chart for 18 weeks in a go. This is a record any book has set on its own.

Looking For Alaska Epub Novel Details And Review:

The story plot of looking for Alaska revolves around the fictional character Miles Halter. The main lead character Miles has a very weird obsession with the last words said by people who are breathing their last. When on a trip with friends, Miles Halter comes across a girl named Alaska. He finds out that Alaska is living the guilt of her mother’s death. The guilt has somehow engulfed the real girl and Halter commits to himself to look for the real Alaska that is burdened beneath grief and guilt.

It is interesting to find out that the main lead character Miles and the storyline of the novel is somehow inspired by the young childhood years of the author – John Green himself. The story of the novel I thought fictional but it has somewhat been inspired by realistic life events of the author as well.

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The book was very well-received by the audiences and critics alike. Looking for Alaska Epub particularly connected very well with the audiences. The book is an unexpected emotional ride. The book was immensely successful on its release. The successful novel was adapted into a movie that was being produced by the Paramount pictures.  The movie, however, was never released because of some production issues.

About Author (John Green):

John Green was born in American in 1977. He is a professional author, novelist, and scriptwriter. His best works include Looking for Alaska that brought him the Printz Award as well.

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