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[Download] Lady Midnight Epub – By Cassandra Clare | Fantasy Fiction

[Download] Lady Midnight Epub – By Cassandra Clare | Fantasy Fiction
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Book Name: The Lady Mid Night Epub. lady midnight epub

Author: Cassandra Clare.

Series: The Dark Artifices.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster.

Pages: 668.

Genre: Fantasy Fiction.

The first part of the popular ‘The Dark Artifices’ novel series is ‘The lady midnight’. This novel is authored by American fiction author Cassandra Clare. This book is based on adult Fiction Genre. Published by Simon & Schuster Publication House, this book was released worldwide in March 2016.

Lady Midnight Epub Novel Review And Description:

The storyline of Lady Midnight is based on real-life story and events. These even took place in Los Angeles in 2012 and inspired the author a lot. The story of the novel is inspired by real-life events.

The story revolves around the life journey of Emma Carstairs. Emma’s parents were murdered brutally when she was a younger and now that she has grown up – she is determined to avenge the death of her parents. Her parents were murder during the LA events.

In this journey of vengeance, she is accompanied with her close friend Julia Blackthorn. In this journey together, both Julia and Emma are in effort to track down all details to get to the murderers of Emma’s parents. Emma is determined to reach her goal but only in her mind. Her heart is afraid and alone.

The book lady midnight Epub is part of a trilogy novel series. The book was published in 2016 and immediately very well-received by the audiences. Published simultaneously all through the UK, USA, Australia, Asia and Middle East – this book went on to become a best-seller collecting a lot of praise from the critics and readers alike. The novel is rated 4.4. stars out of a 5-star rating.

About Author (Cassandra Clare):

Cassandra Clare is an American author who was born in Tehran, Iran in 1973. She goes by the pen name ‘Judith Lewis’. Clare is best known for authoring adult fiction novels. She has authored many best-selling novels including the mortal instruments.

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