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Download [IT Epub] By Stephen King | Horror Fiction, Thriller, Novel

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Stephen King is one of the best-selling American author and It EPUB is one of his best works! Based on a horror and thriller genre – the novel is a classic and was released back in 1986. By then King had already authored 21 books and this was his 22nd novel published globally. The novel was printed by the Viking publication press. Back in 1986, the hard copy of the book that was published comprised of 1100 pages – making it one of the lengthiest novel’s published at that time. There are multiple versions of the book available now including e-book and audio.

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IT Epub Novel Description And Review:

It by Stephen King is a horror-thriller fiction novel. The story revolves around a clown named ‘it’. This clown is not funny at all. He is a child hunter who hunts down small children and frightens them with things that are their worst fears. The story revolves around 7 children trapped by it in various ways.

The hard copy title cover of the It Novel has a sewer system illustration. This is a depiction of a very important fact of the novel as sewers in the book are home to the ‘it’ clown.

It by Stephen King is a bestseller and has sold hundreds and millions of copies worldwide. The novel is also recipient of several awards including Locus award and British fantasy award. The novel has been adapted as a Hollywood movie twice. Its recent version was released in 2017 to become a blockbuster hit.

About Author (Stephen King):

Stephen King is an American author and screenplay writer. Born in September of 1947, King is a maestro of Horror And Thriller Fiction. In the literary history of the United States, Stephen King is seen as one of the best novel writers America has ever seen. His books sell record millions of copies each. In totality, his books have sold more than four hundred million copies throughout the globe till present times. Professionally an author only, Stephen is also married and father to three children.

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