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Authored by George R. R. Martin – a song of ice and fire is an American best-selling novel. The novel is based on fictional theme. The novel is first part of a six-book series that includes other best-selling popular books including a game of thrones and a dream of spring.

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A song of ice and fire epub

A Song of Ice And Fire Epub Review:

The song of ice and fire – as it is widely known – is authored by George R. R. Martin and is part of the six-book best-selling novel series by the same author. The story is based on fictional settings in which the Westeros and Essos are two neighboring archrival islands. Both are home to massive kingdoms that are ruled by three very dominant and discrete tribes. The story of the novel recalls fictional events that are portrayed to have happened some three hundred years ago but ended too soon and too abruptly. The novel depicts how three very different tribes and kingdoms merge with one another following a series of unforeseen events.

A song of ice and fire is part of a best-selling novel series. A song of ice and fire was highly anticipated due to the hype that was created prior to its publish and it delivered and met all expectations. Critics have named this novel to be an audience’s book that has been written to connect with the masses through and through.

A song of ice and fire epub has sold over fifty million+ copies globally. The book has since been translated into over 45+ international languages. The online manuscript of the novel is very popular too.

One of the Book of  A Song of Ice And Fire, The Game of Thrones went viral after the release of its Movie Serial By HBL

About Author (George R. R. Martin):

George R. R. Martin is an American born fictional novel writer. He was born in the United States in 1948. This particular novel series is regarded as his best work till date. He is also professionally involved in production and scriptwriting. He has written the script for the TV adaption of a game of thrones.


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