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The game of thrones is the first novel of the Song of Fire and Ice Series. This is a fictional, fantasy-themed novel that is authored by George R. R. Martin. The novel was published back in 1996 and was the first of a seven installment book series. The book was published by Bantam Spectra in the USA and Voyager books in the UK.

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A Game of Thrones Epub

A Game of Thrones Epub Novel Description:

The story of Games of Thrones in widespread and complex with several intricate characters playing crucial roles in the novel. The story is split between the seven kingdoms, the narrow sea, and the wall. The novel encompasses the lives of several characters on different lands but ironically somehow the stories link with one another. This novel is the threshold to a greater story that unfolds in later novels.

The book was nominated in several categories in multiple awards and was awarded the best novel by the Locus award in 1997. It went on to receive several other rewards as well. It became a worldwide success as well – selling millions of copies worldwide and inspiring a blockbuster television series titled a game of thrones that was released by HBO. Up till 2011, almost after one and a half decade of its release – the novel ranked on top spots on the New York Times best-seller book list.

About Author (George R. R. Martin):

George R. R. Martin (full named George Raymond Richard Martin) is an American novelist born in 1948. He is best known for his work in a song of ice and fire and game of thrones. Martin has been enjoying a lot of success and fame recently ever since his authored novel ‘Game of Thrones’ that was published in 1996 has been adapted as phenomenal television series. He is also the scriptwriter and executive producer of the adaption show.

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