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[Download] 1984 Epub By George Orwell | Fictional Novel

[Download] 1984 Epub By George Orwell | Fictional Novel
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Book Name: 1984 Epub. 1984 epub

Author: 1984 Epub.

Originally Published: June 8, 1949

Publisher: Harvill Secker

Pages: 336

Genre: Utopian and dystopian fiction, Political fiction, Social science fiction

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1984 (nineteen eighty-four) Epub is a fictional novel authored by American writer George Orwell. The novel is based on fictional dystopian science genre. The novel is a class that was published back in the 1949 and at the time the book was titled years ahead from its year of release i.e. 1984. The official publishers and distributors of the novel are Secker and Warburg Publication house.

1984 Epub Novel Details And Review:

The story as the title indicates is set in the year 1984. A man named Winston Smith is the main lead character of the story who is surviving in the warn zone. This is when he finds himself falling in love with Julia.

The novel 1984 Epub was very well-received by the audiences back in the time. It was also praised by the critics. The novel was one of its own kind in the 1940’s. A novel as daring, bold and blunt had not been published till date back in the time.

Orwell was greatly praised for his writing abilities and skills. However, it was unfortunate that he did not live long to enjoy the bliss of his success. The author was greatly praised for his work and his ability to keep the reads hooked from the beginning till end part of the novel.

Although the novel was only verbally praised in the early years following its release, it went down in American literature as a fictional classic. Later in the 1990’s, the novel 1984 received several nominations in leading reading awards.

About Author (George Orwell):

George Orwell authored 1984. Orwell is the pen name of originally named Eric Arthur. He is a professional fictional author as well as narrator and essay writer. Though American native, Eric was born in East Bengal in the late 1800’s and died soon after the publication of his novel 1984.

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